Private Supervised Visitation

Private Supervised Visitation

The goals for supervised visitation services are to provide neutrality, to keep children emotionally and physically safe, and to foster and strengthen the bonds between the visiting parent and the child(ren).

Supervised Visitation (also known as supervised parenting time) is a service where a trained third party (Family Support Specialist, FSS) monitors parenting interaction between a parent and his/her children.  Supervised visitation is recommended when the court determines, that at least for some short measure of time, there needs to be observation and recording on the interactions, behaviors, safety concerns, and significant events of the visiting parent and child(ren) involved. The FSS will help facilitate this valuable parenting time and document the quality and duration of each session.   With the focus on maintaining relationships and bonding, the time spent together will demonstrate to all parties their ability and desire to remain in their child’s life, regardless of cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens before visits can start?

Paradigm conducts an intake prior to the initiation of services. During this process, we will collaborate with parents to coordinate and encourage cooperation to determine availability, where the visits will take place, who will transport the children, and what days/times the visits will occur. Both parents will sign a consent for services, releases of information for each parent’s attorney (if applicable), along with each parent agreeing to allow the Family Support Specialist to have general communication between each parent about the child(ren).  We will also review your rights and responsibilities, as well as that of the agency.

Do I receive any reports after a visit?

Yes, you will. The Family Support Specialist will complete documentation after each supervised interaction.  The documentation is available to both parents and his/her attorney’s which can be used to assist each party when returning to court to re-examine the child(ren) custody decisions.

What is the cost of services?

We understand the burden this may place on families and work this out with the parents. Please contact our office to discuss costs associated with the service.

How do I pay for services?

All services must be prepaid before visits will occur. Paradigm accepts payments through Cash App, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or cash.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We do. We ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule a visit, you notify the Family Support Specialist at least a 24-hour before the start of the visit. Failure to cancel or reschedule may result the loss your visit payment.

Will you provide transportation?

We can. However, we encourage parents to work together and arrange transportation to and from visits. If Paradigm provides transportation, costs associated with transportation will be incurred.

Where can visits take place?

If there are any stipulations for the courts or parenting plan, we will follow those. Otherwise, visits will most likely begin in a neutral setting until the worker can assess for risk or safety.  As soon as possible, the worker will move these visits to the parent’s or a relative’s home, (if appropriate). Examples of neutral or community visits have included a park, at the mall, fast food restaurant, or a library.

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