Parenting Time Specialist

Parenting Time Specialists (Specialists) perform a variety of duties and tasks to coordinate and implement services based on a case plan developed and facilitated by the referring agency to prevent abuse/neglect of children, strengthen families, assist in providing permanency for children in care, and/or to enhance community safety. Specialists will prepare, plan, and arrange parenting time (supervised visitation) sessions with children/youth and families. Specialist may be responsible for transporting child(ren) to parenting time sessions. Specialists will also monitor parenting and provide coaching and mentoring to ensure a safe session.

Major Responsibilities and Related Tasks

Direct-Line Services

  • Complete initial contact to referred families.
  • Engage with the family in an effort to develop appropriate relationships and involvement.
  • Provide necessary community resources and support system development.
  • Provide parenting instruction as required.
  • Provide coaching, skill application and mentoring.
  • Participate in case conferences and court appearances with the family as requested.
  • Provide family advocacy as needed.
  • Provide case management and coordination with the Case Manager.
  • Participate in ongoing assessment and evaluation of the family’s goals.

Client Information System

  • Provide necessary client information to referring departments and the family (Session Notes and Monthly Summaries, case updates, Collateral Logs).
  • Maintain appropriate professional files electronically which will provide all necessary documentation regarding the family.

Team / Supervision Meetings

  • Participate in case management meetings upon requests with the Case Manager to coordinate necessary services.
  • Participate in weekly supervision meetings.

Qualifications and Requirements

Knowledge & Skills:  A thorough knowledge of effective parenting and is expected.  Effective skills should be demonstrated in dealing with families involved in abuse/neglect situations as well as those involved in juvenile delinquency issues.  Knowledge of community resources is expected. Parenting Time Specialists will follow rules of confidentiality and demonstrate C.A.R.E.S. in working with all families, coworkers, and others.

Training and Experience: • Bachelor’s Degree in human services, psychology, social work, or related area (preferred), and/or equivalent experience; and have a minimum of two years’ experience in the human services field (preferred).

In addition to:

  • Demonstrated successful ability to work independently and meet deadlines.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Solid communication and computer skills.
  • Clear criminal history background and adult/child abuse checks.
  • Valid driver’s license and good driving history.